Network 'JuniorVoting' founded

The NECE conference "Networking for the European Parliament Elections 09", which took place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg between 11th and 13th June 2008, initiated the foundation of the European Network JuniorVoting.
The network 'JuniorVoting' is a European-wide federation of organisations and institutions which carry out pupil elections parallelly to the European Election. It works independently on its own authority. 

Alongside the European Election in 2009 more than 2 million adolescents will be participating in pupil elections. This is the largest school and youth project in Europe!
The following organisations and institutions are responsible for implementing the pupil elections in the various European countries:

The Netherlands

The Dutch Centre for Political Participation (Institut voor Publiek en Politiek) has been organising pupil election in the Netherlands since many years. Already back in 1963 the first pupil election took place. (


The Center for Citizenship Education (Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej) is the supporting organisation for the pupil elections in Poland. (


Allianssi, the Finnish Youth Co-Operation Organisation has been implementing pupil elections alongside various elections in Finland since many years.


Kumulus e.V. has been organising the 'Project Juniorwahl' since 1999 on a nationwide level. (



European Network 'JuniorVoting' founded at the NECE conference in the European Parliament: 2 million adolescents participating!




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Further informations about JuniorVoting 2009 for download: