The Lection

The most important element of JuniorVoting is to prepare as well as follow up the lessons. As an addition to the wealth of experience of the teachers' all schools are provided with comprehensive and up-to-date study material about the European Elections.

How the topic is approached depends on the learning goals stipulated in the education guidelines. However, primarily schools aim to present a possibility to the students of how to perceive and get involved in democracy and Europe.




Some examples of topics dealt with in lectures include: the election system in Europe or the election systems of the various member states, the functioning of the European Parliament, the structure of the European Parliament and its parliamentary parties, the different parties and their candidates etc.

Experience shows that roughly half of all participating schools begin with the lessons 3 to 4 weeks prior to JuniorVoting, another quarter even 5 to 6 weeks before. About 70% of all schools use about 8 hours to cover the topic, another 25% of all schools make 10 hours or more available by discussing the topic in other lessons as well; sometimes even so-called 'project days', podium discussions as well as news board are dedicated to subject of elections.



European Network 'JuniorVoting' founded at the NECE conference in the European Parliament: 2 million adolescents participating!




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