The Election Procedure

The actual election is the second component of the JuniorVoting project. Students are now able to make use of the knowledge acquired in the most practical way. Whoever is in charge can choose whether to carry out the voting procedures on-line or on paper.

In Germany JuniorVoting is carried out as an on-line election with the help of the electronic election system POLYAS, which is also used during legally binding elections. Its concept is similar to that of on-line banking - the so-called PIN and TAN procedure. The election board has to activate the computer election system of the school by using a PIN number - this is called "Four-Eyes-Principle". Only then can students deliver their vote by using the TAN code.




Regarding the technology, two aspects are of main importance: safety and an easy application. The advantage of the system is that it can be applied easily in every school without any additional installations.

Participating organisations appreciate this type of voting system thanks to easy, simple, nationwide organization and implementation of the election.



European Network 'JuniorVoting' founded at the NECE conference in the European Parliament: 2 million adolescents participating!




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